QUESTIONNAIRE : General Land Use Plan for the Surrey City Centre

QUESTIONNAIRE The City of Surrey is reviewing the General Land Use Plan for the Surrey City Centre. The goal of the Plan Update process is to create a complete, compact, and sustainable City Centre that will meet the needs of local residents, businesses and visitors while creating the major urban centre for the South of Fraser region. This questionnaire is designed to determine the views of Surrey’s stakeholder groups on the goals and on the specific proposals presented in the Plan Update. The feedback gathered through this survey and the interactive exercises at the Public Open House will be used to finalize Stage I of the process, the Plan Concept, for Council’s review. After reviewing the Open House display materials and completing this survey, if you would like to be advised of upcoming City Centre public events please provide us with your name, e-mail, and phone number below. Name: E-Mail: Phone #: 1 of 4 2 of 4 Tell Us About Yourself Please note that all information collected is for internal purposes only. Where do you live? Whalley/City Centre ˆ Surrey (Not Whalley/City Centre) ˆ Where? Outside of Surrey ˆ Where? What is your Postal Code? Where do you work? Whalley/City Centre ˆ Surrey (Not Whalley/City Centre) ˆ Where? Not from Surrey ˆ Where? Don’t work ˆ Which of the following best describes your relationship to Surrey City Centre? (Please check all appropriate) Resident ˆ Business Owner ˆ Employee ˆ Student ˆ Land Developer ˆ Shopper / Facility User ˆ Other (please specify): ˆ How do you normally travel… To/From City Centre? Within City Centre? (Please check all appropriate) Walk/Wheelchair/Scooter ˆ ˆ Cycle ˆ ˆ Bus ˆ ˆ SkyTrain ˆ ˆ Private Vehicle/Taxi ˆ ˆ What is your age group? (Please check one) 0-12 ˆ 13-19 ˆ 20-29 ˆ 30-49 ˆ 50-64 ˆ 65+ ˆ What is your living situation? (Please check all appropriate) Live alone ˆ Live with partner / spouse ˆ Live with children ˆ Other (describe) ˆ 3 of 4 How important are the following Plan Update’s Goals to you? (Please rank each goal) Very Important Important Neutral Unimportant Very Unimportant No Opinion 1. Develop attractive, compact, high quality mixed-use places for a local and regional audience to work, live, play and learn. 2. Create a hierarchy and networks of great streets, local streets and paths to provide local access, disperse traffic and encourage walking, cycling and transit use. 3. Create and promote an urban form within the City Centre that establishes a built legacy for future generations. 4. Exemplify design excellence by incorporating compact urbanism, density and sustainability to the greatest extent. 5. Establish a sense of place through the development of distinct neighbourhoods and street corridors celebrating the diversity and history of the area. 6. Concentrate new high density mixed use development around City Centre’s three SkyTrain stations using the highest standards of Transit Oriented Development. 7. Create public amenities appropriate for a major downtown centre that are designed and programmed for multiple users. 8. Celebrate and showcase enhanced City parks and a Greenway network through partnerships between private, public and non-profit stakeholders. 9. Create, promote and sustain a human scale and context to development. 10. Balance livability with sustainability and affordability. 11. Build upon existing assets such as Simon Fraser University and Surrey Memorial Hospital to build a new, diverse and robust economy for the City Centre. 12. Any additional Goal(s) to be addressed? 4 of 4 The following questions seek feedback on specific proposals for Surrey’s City Centre 1. What comments do you have on the Recommended General Land Use Concept? 2. What comments do you have on the transportation network proposals? 3. What comments do you have on the parks, recreation and Greenways proposals? 4. What comments do you have on the sustainability proposals? 5. Do you have any other comments? (e.g., housing, amenities, neighbourhood character) Thank you very much for your time and comments. Please return completed questionnaires on or before September 30, 2008 by one of the following methods: 1. The City Centre Open Houses on September 11th and 15th, 2008 at SFU Surrey 2. Fax to 604-591-2507 3. Mail to: City Centre Plan Update Survey Planning & Development Department City of Surrey 14245 – 56 Avenue Surrey, B.C., V3X 3A2 The survey and display materials shown at the Open House will be available online from September 12, 2008. Please visit for more information. If you have any additional comments, feel free to mail, fax these to us or e-mail to



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