Nature Relatedness Scale

Instructions: For each of the following, please rate the extent to which you agree with each statement, using the scale from 1 to 5 as shown below. Please respond as you really feel, rather than how you think “most people” feel. 1 2 3 4 5 Disagree strongly Disagree a little Neither Agree or disagree Agree a little Agree strongly 1. I enjoy being outdoors, even in unpleasant weather. ____ 2. Some species are just meant to die out or become extinct. ____ 3. Humans have the right to use natural resources any way we want. ____ 4. My ideal vacation spot would be a remote, wilderness area. ____ 5. I always think about how my actions affect the environment. ____ 6. I enjoy digging in the earth and getting dirt on my hands. ____ 7. My connection to nature and the environment is a part of my spirituality. ____ 8. I am very aware of environmental issues. ____ 9. I take notice of wildlife wherever I am. ____ 10. I don’t often go out in nature. ____ 11. Nothing I do will change problems in other places on the planet. ____ 12. I am not separate from nature, but a part of nature. ____ 13. The thought of being deep in the woods, away from civilization, is frightening. ____ 14. My feelings about nature do not affect how I live my life. ____ 15. Animals, birds and plants should have fewer rights than humans. ____ 16. Even in the middle of the city, I notice nature around me. ____ 17. My relationship to nature is an important part of who I am. ____ 18. Conservation is unnecessary because nature is strong enough to recover from any human impact. ____ 19. The state of non-human species is an indicator of the future for humans. ____ 20. I think a lot about the suffering of animals. ____ 21. I feel very connected to all living things and the earth. ____ Scoring Information Reverse scored items: 2, 3, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 18; NR-self items: 5, 7, 8, 12, 14, 16, 17, 21; NR-perspective items: 2, 3, 11, 15, 18, 19, 20; NR-experience items: 1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 13 Overall NR score is calculated by averaging all 21 items (after reverse scoring appropriate items). Scores on the 3 NR dimensions are also calculated by averaging appropriate items after reverse scoring. A short-form version of the NR scale (NR-6) consists of items: 4, 5, 7, 9, 17, 21. Items are averaged to create a score on the brief measure of NR. No items are reverse scored. Referencing information: Nisbet, E. K. L., Zelenski, J. M., & Murphy, S. A. (2009). The Nature Relatedness Scale: Linking individuals’ connection with nature to environmental concern and behaviour. Environment and Behavior, 41, 715- 740.


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