Nature Connectedness Research Group

Nature Connectedness Research Group

Over the last 15 years, connection to nature has become a recognised and measurable construct – it moves beyond contact with nature to an individual’s sense of their relationship with the natural world. Our nature connections research was the first group to focus on this area and aims to understand people’s connection to nature and create everyday interventions in order to improve connectedness; bringing about the associated benefits in well-being and conservation behaviour. We are proud to work with Natural England and national conservation NGOs.


Current Activity

Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature

Leading one of four work packages in this £1 million project funded as part of the Human Health & Wellbeing Goal of the Valuing Nature Programme.

Nature Connections Indicator

Part of the Nature Connection Indicator Working Group developing a national indicator for connection to nature- with Natural England, RSPB, National Trust, Historic England and The Wildlife Trusts.

30 Days Wild

Currently involved in evaluating the impact of 30 Days Wild 2016, the Wildlife Trust’s campaign to get people out into nature every day in June. Last year’s evaluation was published in February 2016, finding that those taking part were found to have sustained increases in happiness, health, connection to nature and pro-nature behaviours. Also see my blog and guest blog from 2015.

Nature Connections Conference Series

We host the Nature Connections conference series. The second annual international Nature Connections conference was supported by Natural England and a coalition of partners including the RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts, National Trust and Historic England. The conference was a forum for understanding the scale and scope of the latest research and practice in nature connection, exploring evidence on how nature connection supports delivery of outcomes, and how this might inform the design of future work.

The conference identified the need to enable more collaborations between research and practice communities, as this would help build the evidence base on both contact with nature and nature connection across a range of disciplines, including education, environment, health, psychology, planning and law. You can read the full report here.

Other Projects

Were also working on projects with Natural England and conservation NGOs.

Related Teaching

The work of the Nature Connectedness Research Group informs the Environment & Conservation pathway of the MSc Behaviour Change.


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