In what ways are we connected to nature?

Everything in existence is a frequency of energy. This energy is a form of expansive consciousness out of which all that exist is manifest, including nature.

Nature works, expresses, and functions using creative principles. Those principles are frequencies of knowledge we must all implement in our lives. These principles make up our lives and we share these principles with nature. In this way, how nature expresses, also illustrates ways in which we function and creatively express.

For example, what does a flowing stream symbolize? It is expressing many principles, but one most easily recognized is its flowing nature. We watch how gracefully the crystal currents divide and slide around rocks. We watch how easily the flow of the water courses along the banks. And what of the huge boulder in the middle of a stream? It remains sturdy and still as the currents flood and divide, spray and glide like silk around them. The stream teaches us of the principle of flowing movement, and how to respond to seeming obstacles. The boulder may teach us of how to be strong and centered amidst change that is moving all around us. It may teach also of patience and stillness.

These two principles, flowing and patience, we human beings share with nature. We must instill these principles in our lives. They are universal principles that are a frequency of energy. We can resonate with these principles in nature. We are kindred in this and in our depth, we recognize how intimately we are connected in Consciousness.

Principles of energy express throughout the entire creation, from the galaxies, to the tiniest quark.

Maybe take time and look at what nature is expressing….think of the ocean, the trees, storms….water, air, fire, earth. Look around you and try to broaden your awareness of what principles we share with nature, and what stories nature is teaching us in its astounding wisdom. A delicate drop of dew on a silken web. A powerful tsunami from the ocean… many extremes….Power honed into the most elegant fragility. A tender green shoot breaks through a rock. Nature sees what it knows in us as well. It knows we are part of itself.

Nature is an oracle that sings in harmony with our own earthen journey. It can teach us many things. It is nurturing, as it listens and is aware of you. We are not taught this truth. But it is reality.

Trees are aware of you, wind, rain, flowers, soil, all……Have you ever put your arms around a tree? It can feel you and it responds. The sun upon your face…..knows who you are.

Nature is our brother and sister as it expresses both polarities. We harmonize together.

When humankind ignorantly harms the precious attributes and balance of nature, we learn how it pain expresses in our own lives….and I have not even spoken of the beautiful and wondrous feast of creatures and amazing life forms that share this planet with us.

We are in a universe that is powerfully alive, responsive and ready to be understood.

Our human bodies are formed of the elements of the nature of earth. When we open our hearts to this feast before us, it tells us stories. It soothes us. It understands. It too has been blown and broken. It too has been subject to that which challenges its natural order.


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