The Australian Landscape Conference is normally held in Melbourne every two years.

However, our next conference will be held on 23 – 25 March, 2018,
at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Place, South Wharf, Melbourne.

We recently polled our News Sheet subscribers, who responded overwhelmingly in favour of holding future conferences in March instead of September.

Their reasons provided included…

1. The worlds of horticulture, landscaping and gardens are extremely busy in September
2. Changing the date will avoid clashes with other conferences and overseas tours
3. Autumn in Australia is just that much less busy than Spring

The response left us with no alternative but to change the date to Autumn 2018 accordingly.
It also means that those wishing to attend the 2018 International Flower and Garden Show in Melbourne may do so at the same time.

Planning is already underway and any ideas or suggestions are most welcome.

Those interested in sponsorship at the Conference should contact Jenny Wade at an early date, as openings are limited.

Source for full details

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