Smart cities can make India a manufacturing hub for HVAC equipment

The government’s goal to develop 100 has the potential to make India a for (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) solutions. “With the thrust towards smart cities, time has come for India to become the for solutions as they are vital for high energy savings and optimised performance. The solutions can become affordable only when India truly becomes the global With the right technology, design and solutions, every building can be converted to a green building,” said Ravichandran Purushothaman, President, India, one of the leading global companies that provides energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions for various industries. He was speaking at the at the Congress organised by Indian Council (IGBC) in Hyderabad.

With rising population and infrastructure constraints, the need to build has been identified by the government. will actually be smart when the right technologies are used making the citizens live comfortably and more importantly affordably.

Affordability factor in can be addressed by the uptake of technologies which would not only reduce the energy and carbon footprint but would make them sustainable and improve the living conditions.

“Building is an ask for technology such as, scroll compressors, turbocor compressors, VLT drive family and CKL substations for district cooling which offers for hotels, data centres, airports, commercial buildings, pharma, railway and metros,” said the company in the press release.

Heating and air-conditioning takes a major share of electricity bills for residential, commercial and industrial applications, which puts tremendous pressure on energy sources, and ultimately impacts overall economy of the country. The thrust by the government provides the right opportunity for stakeholders to have a holistic approach.

An integrated approach is needed to initiate the green dialogue at the stakeholder level such as the Integrated Approach towards Project Delivery (IAPD), a joint initiative by Indian Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) which brings all stakeholders in the construction and space together on one platform.

“In line with delivering its green promise, India is nearing completion of its green facility in Oragadam, the industrial corridor in Chennai. The upcoming green facility of India campus in Oragadam, is a Platinum LEED rated R&D cum manufacturing facility which will replicate the zero waste environment of the Global facility in Denmark by housing a 1MW solar plant which will generate 1.5 million units of solar power per annum approximately,” added the release.

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