Re-greening Bangalore

The country’s IT hub is all set to reclaim its title of Garden City with the the city corporation planning to roll out a host of initiatives aimed at turning lakes, parks and empty walls here into patches of and

Plans are on to convert 187 lakes in and around into patches of rich blossoms and green foliage and recreational zones for the common man, Bruhat Mahanagare Palike (BBMP) Commissioner Bharat Lal Meena said.

“Currently, many lakes are in a neglected state. Much of the land surrounding them has been encroached upon. We are now trying to clear these encroachments and get permission from the authorities under whom these lakes come to hand over to the civic authority to green it”, he said. Many lakes, some belonging to the forest authorities, minor irrigation, zilla panchayats are without fencing and efforts are on to fence them, plant saplings, build pathways and convert them into green patches, where people can come and relax, he said.

A similar initiative in offing is to convert 700 parks of and 300 new parks into floral hotspots.The initiative would be driven by a theme, he said. “We plan to introduce a theme while developing these parks”, he said. The themes could vary like a bamboo theme, a floral theme, medicinal herbs or a theme surrounding children, he said.

The effort is to create a green ambience and restore the of the city. “We want to restore Bangalore’s claim of being a garden city”, said Meena. These parks would have carefully planned landscaping in terms of contours, pots of floral plants, pruning of trees to suit a theme and also which could be used by artists to display their works or conduct activities.

Also on BBMP’s agenda is transforming the walls of the city into street art galleries by painting them with scenes capturing the state’s cultural and heritage legacy, as well as those abundant in nature’s bounty. “We have already rolled out this initiative from August 15”, he said.

The idea struck him when he often encountered problems relating to defacing of walls by sticking of film posters or lewd grafitti. Through this initiative, the walls of the city have now begun sporting the ancient temple’s architectural beauty and its rich flora and fauna. Scenes of cascading waterfalls and dense forests have sprung up in and around the city.

Efforts are also being made to incorporate sculptures and other art work at junctions and various other spots adding a touch of beauty to the IT capital by tying up with art organistions.

The beautification programme has also translated into an economic activity by generating jobs for scores of artists, apart from enhancing the city’s beauty.

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