Cleaner fuel for kitchens in Lucknow

Environmentally cleaner fuel for domestic kitchens would be available to consumers in Lucknow around Diwali time.

Limited (GGL), a GAIL and (IOC) joint venture, today launched its District Regulatory Station (DRS) for the supply of Piped Natural Gas (PNG) here.

It was inaugurated by GGL chairman B M Bansal, who is also the IOC chairman.

DRS has the capacity to deliver up to 5,000 standard cubic metres of gas per hour and cater to the needs of customers in the Cantonment and Sadar areas of Lucknow.

In the first phase, GGL will supply PNG to 5,000 domestic consumers in the current financial year. Bansal said with PNG, domestic consumers will pay 10 per cent less than the cost of a Liquidified Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder for similar calorific value.

On April 7, GGL had commissioned its mother station here for supply of Compressed Natural Gas to customers for vehicles. It was inaugurated by union minister of state for petroleum and natural gas Jitin Prasada.

PNG will ensure uninterrupted and continuous supply of gas to kitchens directly from the pipes.

Earlier, GGL had said it would also supply gas for industrial use and give priority to industries, who had already signed agreements in this regard. Some local industries had signed agreement with GGL for supply of natural gas in July/August 2009.

GGL was incorporated for the implementation of for supply of PNG to domestic, commercial and industrial consumers and CNG to automobile consumers in Lucknow and Agra.

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