The First LEED Platinum Rated Building in India – CII Godrej GBC

It offers advisory services to the Industry in the areas of :

• Green buildings • Energy Efficiency • Water Management • Environmental management • Renewable energy • Green business incubation • Climate change activities

Pancha Bhutas ancient belief states that life exists because of the presence and balance of the five classical elements They are associated with the five senses They act as the gross medium for the experience of sensations The Concept :What derives itself from nature returns to it. This is applied in the practice of Architecture: a building gives back to nature even as it takes from it thus reducing the ecological footprint An attempt to make a positive change in design by Reducing the negative impact on the environment in terms of: Use of materials Water Management Energy Efficiency Sustainability Natural Ventilation Reuse and Recycle Renewable Energy Effective Land Use Ecological footprint Carbon Footprint Socio Cultural Response etc

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