What are the top global green brands?

Companies can be perceived as being green when they are not, while others could do more to promote their sustainability. A new report picks out the brands that get the balance right

Questions of perception and reality are, you would think, the preserve of experimental psychologists and white-cloaked psychiatrists. A new report from brand-management specialistsInterbrand blows that assumption apart. Brand managers must be as attuned to the inter-relationship between these two phenomena as any clinician. And nowhere is this truer than when integrating sustainability into a brand’s strategy, positioning and values.

Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands report, now in its third year, picks out the world’s largest brands that are getting the balance right. Topping the list are automotive giants such as Toyota, Ford and Honda, driven by innovation, and Nissan is the biggest riser. However, technology brands dominate the overall report – Panasonic leads the category – while there are notable mentions for apparel/retail brands such as Adidas, Nike and H&M.

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