Green Branding and Eco-innovations for Evolving a Sustainable Green Marketing Strategy

Green marketing is a new and evolving concept of marketing green and eco-products with well-defined eco-standards—consisting of wide-ranging eco-friendly products, satisfying eco-labelling and eco-footprinting standard norms. The article focuses on the significance of green branding and eco-labelling with stress on eco-innovations with a view to developing a sound and sustainable green marketing strategy. The article examines how green consumerism can be linked to eco-market and to what extent this can be influenced by cross-cultural differences in consumer behaviour. The scope of involving green marketing with corporate ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) for inclusive growth of green markets has been explored. The article also examines how the green branding can leverage the eco-market through the mechanism of eco-labelling and eco-footprinting, complimented by green supply chain management practices. Finally, the article studies, at some length, the desirability of considering the aspects of sustainability factor and eco-innovations which can help promote green consumerism.

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